HIV: resistant mutations (NNRTI)

Mini-review of three high yield NNRTI mutations! Continued learning from yesterday.
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💠selected by efavirenz (EFV), nevirapine (NVP)
💠high resistance to EFV, NVP
💠low barrier

💠selected by NVP
💠high resistance to NVP; essentially knocks out all NNRTI (except Doravorine, DOR)

💠selected by NVP, EFV
⬆️resistance to NVP, EFV
💠can also be selected by DOR and cause high-level DOR resistance

Stanford Univ HIV drug resistance database is a great place to get more information and assist with interpretation. Save/bookmark it!

Originally tweeted by BIDMC Infectious Diseases Fellowship (@BIDMC_IDFellows) on 11 June, 2020.

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