Larva in the BAL

Stongyloides stercoralis

Stongyloides stercoralis previous posted case #strongyloides @Strongylady @Rojelio

Stongyloides stercoralis is a soil transmitted roundworm endemic tropics/subtropic infect >1 billion. In temperate/industrialized countries: travelers/immigrants. Replicate in human host, transmit person to person or contact w: soil larva

Stongyloides stercoralis infection can persist for decades & # of worms can increase w/o exogenous reinfection especially in persons reviving steroids or w/ HTLV1.
Strongy migrates thru lungs (also hookworms & ascaris) but whipworm & pinworms don’t migrate thru lungs

Stongyloides stercoralis can present w/ abd pain, diarrhea, larva currens, disseminated in immunocompromised. Serology more sensitive than stool exam. Treatment ivermectin.
-Suspect, diagnose & treat prior to the infection!

Originally tweeted by Indiana University Infectious Diseases Fellowship (@IUIDfellowship) on 7 April, 2021.

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