Infective Endocarditis: Top 10 Papers For Fellows

As a part of our “Top 10 Papers” series, we compiled a list of our top 10 papers that every ID fellow needs to know related to native valve infective endocarditis. Obviously it is impossible to include all or the must read papers for such a huge topic, so reply with your own favorite papers/DOIs in the comments section. For more resources related to IE, see our Library entry compiled by Dr. Hunsinger (@DrH_flu). For more on prosthetic valve endocarditis, see our separate library entry here.

1. Native-Valve Infective Endocarditis

2. Diagnostic Accuracy of TTE

  • Using Transesophageal Echocardiography as the Reference Standard, the authors performed a meta-analysis to see how good TTE is for IE (spoiler alert, it’s not great).
  • A systematic review on studies evaluating TTE for diagnosis of IE.

3. Diagnostic value of imaging in infective endocarditis: a systematic review

4. Early Surgery versus Conventional Treatment for Infective Endocarditis (EASE trial)

  • The EASE trial compared an early surgery strategy for IE to a “conventional treatment” approach. They found that an early surgery strategy significantly reduced composite endpoint of death and embolic events (primarily embolic events) in patients with large vegetations.

5. POET trial

  • The POET trial is a RCT noninferiority trial from Europe which demonstrated non-inferiority of transitioning to oral antibiotics from IV antibiotics for L side IE.
  • This trial comes with very important caveats:
    • Patients had intensive drug level monitoring that would be difficult to replicate in a real-world setting
    • Patients were given combination therapy.
    • Although 22% of cases were caused by S. aureus, there were no cases of MRSA enrolled.

6. Ampicillin + ceftriaxone for Enterococcus faecalis IE

7. The DENOVA score for Enterococcus faecalis bacteremia

8. HANDOC: Predicting need for TEE in Non-β-Hemolytic Streptococcal Bacteremia

9. Candida Infective Endocarditis: an Observational Cohort Study with a Focus on Therapy

10. Fungal Endocarditis: Update on Diagnosis and Management

Which articles did we miss, or you would include in this list?

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