Antiretrovirals for HIV

(Last Updated 5/4/2021)

David Serota’s Diagram of ART (Great for bringing to rounds with learners!)

Image credit: David Serota (@serotavirus)


Review articles

Systematic Reviews / Meta-analyses


  • GS 380-4030: DTG and BIC based regimens are effective treatment options for suppressed patients, including those with archived NRTI resistance
    • Sax et al. Clin Infect Dis. 2020
  • BRAAVE: Black PLWH with NRTI resistance maintained suppression when switched to BIC
    • Hagins et al. CROI 2020. Abstract 36.

Long-acting Injectable ART




3 high yield NRTI mutations

3 high yield NNRTI mutations

2nd & 3rd line therapies

Further resistance info (PI, INSTIs, when to test)

M184V mutation

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